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Total Artificial Heart: More Options for Those in Need of Smaller Heart, Destination Therapy

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has joined two multicenter trials that evaluate a total artificial heart (TAH) and may save the lives of even more patients with irreversible biventricular heart failure (BVHF). The focus of the observational studies is the SynCardia® TAH, which was first approved by the FDA as a bridge to transplant in a 70cc size, based on a study of 81 patients, 79 percent of whom survived to receive a transplant.1

Image of SynCardia® TAHThe first study examines the safety of the 70cc device for use as destination therapy in patients with life-threatening BVHF who are ineligible for cardiac transplant. To date, 12 centers, including Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, are set to enroll patients and follow them for six months to confirm the device’s benefits. Researchers define success as survival to six months without permanent deficits from stroke. Patients may also participate in a secondary arm of the trial to determine whether a broader patient population would also benefit from the device.2 Continue reading

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